Case Study – Business + Technology – Connecting the Dots

Netserve was recently mentioned in SalonEVO magazine in an article by Barry Stephens, the CEO of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing. The article discussed the importance of technology in business and especially how in salons it cannot be understated. Here is an extract from the article:

Protecting your data and ensuring you have a secure set-up in your business has never been more important. With the rise in cybercrime and data breaches, tight security is imperative for all salons. Today, all business assets are mostly stored in the cloud or on endpoints. This has made it necessary for salons to adopt strict measures to keep their data as well as that of their customers secure.

Netserve is an IT company with a difference. They have been working in the salon sector for a number of years and keep the technical language to a minimum to gain salon staff’s trust and to quickly solve any IT issues that may be impacting on the daily running of their client’s businesses.

They offer remote support for both software and hardware, and they understand how salons are set up, this enables them to troubleshoot very quickly, to you get you back up and running without all the usual pain and aggravation.

For any advice or information on how to protect your data and to ensure hackers can’t disrupt or attack your business, the Team at Netserve are here to help.