Case Study – Salon WiFi Overhaul

We were recommended by a partner of ours to complete a WiFi overhaul for one of their clients based in Knightsbridge London – a high-end hair and beauty salon. They had two MacBooks for office use and wanted to provide fast and reliable Guest WiFi for their customers. They also ran their booking system and voice-over- IP phones on the cloud – so uptime was a must.

The reason for this overhaul stems from reports of intermittent WiFi issues over the last 18 months, after a quick and effective remote diagnosis we suggested that an onsite visit would be appropriate to confirm connectivity, hardware in use, and also any upgrades that we could complete onsite to fix and future proof the setup. There was also a requirement to tackle a ‘black spot’ at the back of the salon in the coffee bar.

We attended the site with a small internal scaffold tower at an agreed time and replaced the aging hotspots with more powerful Ubiquiti HD ones (HD stands for High Density and perfect for built-up areas such as a shop in central London). At the same time, we also used our specialist cable testing equipment to rewire and crimp the ends of the Cat6 cable and run tests on the cables to ensure connectivity was optimal.

The new hotspots were installed by two of our network technicians who carefully worked around the client and their customers, leaving the salon clean & tidy! They then labeled all network ports and cables accordingly. After a WiFi site survey they were happy to confirm to the client that they now had full signal strength around the entire salon including no drop in speed/connectivity at the coffee bar!

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