Case Study – Business Email Best Practice

Our client is an industry leader in WEEE management and recycling, they work out of a large industrial unit and have around 20-30 employees. They are largely Mac-based and use the Microsoft 365 Platform for emails and cloud storage.

The client was looking for advice and guidance on best practice email usage, they were currently working out of various user inboxes across the business and completing a lot of the admin manually where it could have been automated. There was also confusion due to this, with each user completing similar tasks in individual mailboxes they had no vision of what was assigned to someone else. This could easily lead to clients being emailed by two separate members of staff or the wrong person ending up with emails that should have been dealt with by someone else.

At Netserve we use a shared mailbox system that allows collaborative work and we have helped other companies to implement this with a great increase in efficiency alongside it. We started by mapping the business into divisions, for example, “Sales”, “Compliance”, and “Admin”. We then mapped the users to these sectors, which allowed us to make a skeleton document of the company. An image of which can be seen below:

To tackle the issue of confusion in replying we combined 2 systems:

The first was a simple category system, each user would have their own category and they could tag themselves on emails that they are handling, this function can also be used to search emails making it a lot easier for users to find things they’ve worked on.

The second system was an external sending blocker on the users’ main email accounts. Most users were emailing out as themselves and filing it into the mailboxes, by blocking external sending they can only email out from the shared mailboxes, keeping the sent emails and replies in the same place.

We then attended the site and rolled this out, giving each user 1-to-1 tuition on their setup, how things would work and answering any questions they might’ve had. Once each user had been set up we conducted a team meeting with the staff and had a run-through with the directors to ensure everyone was on the same page and happy.