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Welcome to Netserve LTD, the go-to team of experts offering you the very best in IT support and solutions. We have helped hundreds of small businesses over our 20 years of trading. With offices in both Southampton and Weymouth, we now cover the whole of Hampshire and Dorset. We offer leading IT Support in Southampton, Hampshire and beyond.

The team at Netserve, providing IT support across Southampton and Hampshire.

Our IT Support Services

What we do

IT is becoming an increasingly important feature of daily business life.

As the world becomes more reliant on technology we are here to help fill the growing knowledge gap between the business side of an operation and the technology needed to support it.

  • We offer our expertise and support, giving you the peace of mind needed to focus on what you do best!
  • Run your business safe in the knowledge that we are available whenever you need us.
  • We are a great alternative to an in house IT team, for companies who don’t have the means or needs for a fulltime IT employee.

Tailored to you

Our service is bespoke meaning it is tailored to you and your company.

We offer a number of popular services including-

  • Flexible fixed monthly support plans
  • A ‘pay as you go’ service
  • A remote desktop support service according to your needs.

Whatever option you choose, we’re unmatched in terms of reliability, service and value for money. Just look at our customer reviews!

Client TestimonialEastleigh Client

A superb experience and a company I would recommend wholeheartedly for anyone needing a professional and courteous service at a realistic price. Sincerest thanks.

Client TestimonialWinchester Client

Netserve has provided an excellent service, proactively following up on all issues until they are resolved and always prioritising urgent problems

Client TestimonialLondon Client

They always follows through with any issues and also come back to make sure everything is working well. One very happy customer.

Client TestimonialSouthampton Client

A brilliant company who always put the customer first. You can always rely on their highly skilled team of technicians to do a first class job.

Client TestimonialRingwood Client

Netserve performed the work as I requested and they made it easy for me to work with them. I look forward to future collaboration in future. Thank you Netserve!


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Frequently Asked Questions

My computer has frozen or is running very slowly, what can I do?

In the event that your computer has frozen, crashed, or is running very slowly, we recommend saving and open documents (where possible) and restarting your computer. A simple reboot can often fix many issues as it restarts important services and clears cached files. Completing any pending updates can also help with this. If your computer is consistently running slowly, it may be time to consider an upgrade or replacement – please get in touch on 02380 000999 and we would be happy to assist!

Why isn’t my computer turning on?

The first thing to do it ensure that your computer’s power cable is plugged in at both the wall and the back of the unit, and also switched on at both sides. If you have ensured this and it is still not turning on, unplug the power cable and press and hold the power button on the computer for twenty seconds. Plug the power cable back in and press the power button once again. If the computer is still not turning on after this, please give us a call on 02380 00999 and we can advise further.

How can I mitigate the risk of losing important data?

Typically, all the data on your computer will be stored locally on your hard drive – as with any mechanical component, these are prone to failure over time and sometimes they can stop working suddenly. This is why it is vital to backup any important data. Netserve offer a host of backup solutions, whether it is for individual user’s computers, or for servers used to store data for your entire organisation! Please get in touch to find out more…

Why has my mouse or keyboard stopped working?

If your mouse, keyboard, or any other peripheral has suddenly stopped working, you will want to ensure that it is connected properly. For wired devices, try removing and then reconnecting the USB cable to a different available port on your computer. Typically, you should hear a sound when a device is disconnected or connected. If your keyboard or mouse is wireless, it is a good idea to try new batteries in case these have run out of charge. Removing and reconnecting the Bluetooth adapter from your device can also help if these have somehow disconnected themselves.

Why is my monitor blank?

There are many reasons why a monitor may not be displaying anything. If you have returned to your computer after being away for some time, it could simply be that the computer has gone to sleep. If you move your mouse around the monitor should come back to life almost immediately. You can also try to turn the monitor off and on again by using the power button, usually found at the bottom or side of the screen. If this still does not work, take a look at the back of the monitor and trace back both the power and display cables to ensure these are both plugged in correctly to the wall and the back of the computer respectively.

Why can’t I connect to the company drive when I’m at home?

When experiencing this issue, it is generally because you are not connected to your company’s VPN. Depending on the VPN your company uses, you may have a client shortcut on your desktop. If the VPN is connected and you are still struggling to access these, please try restarting your computer and logging back in and then reconnecting to the VPN. If this still does not work, please call us on 02380 000999 and a technician can assist further.

How can I tell if an email is spam?

When receiving an email that you believe may be suspicious, the most important thing to do is not to download any attachments or click any links within the email. If the email is from a sender that you do not recognise and the contents is not something that is relevant to your business, this generally means that it is spam. Another common indicator is looking at the ‘from’ address of the sender, not just the display name. Often suspicious emails will come from addresses that look like this:

Note the actual from address ‘cyh11241@laus’ – this is not a genuine email address that Microsoft would use to send out email to their customers. Remember, if ever in doubt, ask – we are always here and able to double-check emails for you!

Why are my emails not updating?

The most common cause of any email send/receive emails or your inbox refusing to update is internet connectivity. Ensure that you are connected to the internet and that your email client says it is ‘Online’ or ‘Connected’ – this is normally displayed at the bottom of the screen, just above the taskbar. Sometimes this issue is also caused because your email client requires you to enter your email password, this will often appear like this:

How can I setup a new user account or mailbox for a member of staff?

If Netserve already provide your IT and email services, please click this link and fill in the form:

A Netserve technician will be in touch shortly letting you know the details for the new user’s account(s). If not, please call us on 02380 000999 and a technician can advise how we can help with your IT solutions going forward. 

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