Case Study – Care Home CCTV & WiFi Install

A care home based in Teignmouth that specialising caring for patients suffering from dementia required a CCTV solution covering their three premises to assist with the safety of it’s residents and staff, as well as a robust WiFi setup that would resolve their connectivity and coverage issues.

We performed a site survey for both premises and recommended Netserve’s solution of installing Hikvision’s CCTV and Network Video Recorder (NVR) package. This meant running data cables from the central comms cabinet in each premise to the location point of each CCTV camera, both internally and externally.

The cabling allows for data transfer and power-over-ethernet (PoE) so no additional power point installs were required and allowed the cameras to function and have a direct connection straight to the NVR to display and record footage around the homes. We then linked these to Hikvisions mobile app so that management could view the camera feeds remotely and make sure everything on site was safe and secure.

We used a Ubiquiti solution for our WiFi overhaul. We installed a PoE Unifi switch into the comms cabinet and from there we ran Cat6 data cabling out to each WiFI access point. This allowed us to create a meshed WiFi network for each building. The benefits of this are that the access points become one network that broadcasts one SSID and automatically connects staff’s devices to the access point with the strongest signal at any given time. Meaning that there is no interruption when moving throughout the home and no need to connect to each WiFi access point individually.

During the install, Netserve took special care in making sure that none of the residents were disturbed and that we abided by the homes safety measures that had been put in place at all times.

A review from our happy customer:

We are thrilled with the work that has been completed by yourself and the team. We appreciate the complexity of working with old buildings, older systems and outdated technology. Set up on all visits has been incredibly smooth and seamless for us – minimal disruption and customer service has been excellent. We look forward to hopefully working with you in future projects.”


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