Case Study – Comms Cabinet for Business Expansion

An existing client of ours asked us to facilitate a network expansion for them at a new, modern site they were moving into.

The clients business was growing and were effectively planning to double in size. They needed a fast and reliable connection to their existing unit and all members of staff needed to be able to access existing network resources hosted at the main site.

Two Netserve technicians attended the building site with the aim of connecting it to the existing one via a direct external fibre connection. Once a fast connection to the existing property had been established, they then got to work patching over 200 Cat6 cables into a comms cabinet. Once the patching had been completed they then used specialist cable testing equipment to confirm the functionality of each cable and labelled them accordingly.

With each cable functioning, it then came time to connect them to advanced network switches that would also provide power-over-ethernet (this was so the client could connect VoIP phones to the network from any point in the building). To fulfil this requirement Netserve technicians utilised powerful and industry-leading Ubiquiti smart switches.

The end result of this is a robust and future-proof solution that will provide core networking functionality for years to come!

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