Case Study – Email Bounce Backs

Our client stated that over the past few days their emails had been bouncing back to them and producing an undeliverable report.

Our client in this case study is a small law firm with a team of 7 (all working from one office). We manage and support their Microsoft 365 emails and SharePoint, as well as provide general IT support for their staff. They had stated that over the past few days their emails had been failing to send properly and producing a bounceback or NDR (Non-Delivery Report).

We read the undeliverable report that had been sent over to us. After analysing this we found that the message was being picked up as spam. We completed a mail test using an online tool. The results of this define why the email is being flagged as spam. Within this test, it explained that the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record for the domain was incorrect. We completed a change to the record within the domain’s DNS control panel. After this amendment propagated, we completed additional tests and found that the email was no longer being flagged as spam.

Once we had resolved the issue we called the client that reported the issue and explained what had happened and how it was resolved. She thanked us and confirmed there were no other issues present.

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