Case Study – IT Overhaul

We recently onboarded a charity based in Portsmouth after their Old IT Company weren’t being proactive with their support. Due to the charity not having proactive support quite a lot of their systems went out of date, and at the time of the onboarding they needed an entire IT Overhaul.

Due to their PCs running very slowly, we recommended replacing these with brand-new laptops instead of Desktops. The reason for this is ever since the pandemic they have seen an increase in working from home within their charity, so it would be handy for them to work on the same machine whether in the office or outside the office. Due to the remote working, we saw no need for them to have an On-Premises Server anymore as all of their systems are cloud-based, it was just being used as a file storage server, so we helped migrate this to the cloud and decommission the old server.

Following on from the home-working, as their old IT Company weren’t very proactive, they went out and purchased new laptops themselves during the pandemic, however, the laptops today aren’t capable of running a secure cloud environment so these had to be replaced too, 2 years within purchase date. They also had a legacy on-premises phone system, that we replaced with Microsoft Teams VoIP as they were using their machines for client calls anyway, so we recommended some headsets to be used for the new laptops, so they can make and receive calls on the go.

Now we hold quarterly review meetings with the chairman and Office Administrator to ensure that both Netserve and the customer are on top of any systems that are close to being out of date, rather than waiting for it all to be changed.