Case Study – Mailboxes, Microsoft Teams & Remote Staff Access

Our client is an up-market holiday estate consisting of cottages, wedding venues, craft shops, a cafe, and galleries. They have between 50-60 staff members, who we have now set up with Microsoft 365 mailboxes and client-to-site VPN access. We also set up an Intranet within Microsoft Teams using Viva Connections.

They were experiencing poor performance when using computer terminals where they would often freeze or randomly shut down. There was also poor communication between staff across the site and managing members of staff was becoming increasingly difficult for their Human Resources department.

We helped by replacing all the machines onsite with laptops and docking stations, along with a secondary screen. The accounts team found this extremely beneficial, as they were previously running directly off the server. This has greatly speeded up their work. We also set up a Teams intranet and teams groups across the company, allowing all staff to communicate within their company areas and directly to staff wherever they are. Processes were also created to allow for management with the HR department.

In response to these changes we have had some positive feedback, the accounts team split screens have increased productivity and day-to-day speed dramatically. The head housekeeper and gardener both embraced Teams as they didn’t have a technical role prior to this.