Case Study – Salon WiFi Coverage & VoIP Phones

Our client is an award-winning London hair and beauty salon that required a stronger internet connection throughout the salon as well as three voice-over-IP phones.

We attended the site to install and configure two advanced wireless access points on their second floor which improves the WiFi coverage throughout the premises. These access points are connected to a cloud-management portal which allows us to change settings, set up additional networks, monitor coverage, and reboot them all remotely. This means that in the unlikely event the client experiences issues with the WiFi, we can diagnose and repair the fault remotely.

We also set up and tested three VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones at the site. These are desk phones, similar in appearance to landlines, which use a cloud platform rather than a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) connection to allow for the monitoring and management of them. These are much better suited for a business as they allow us to configure different call groups, hold music, multiple incoming and outbound phone numbers, different extensions, as well as a whole host of other useful features.

The feedback from the client was that the access points were discrete and modern-looking and that they functioned fantastically. They also commented that the phones worked perfectly for their needs.

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