Case Study – Starlink Broadband

Our client is a building contractor based in Crawley, Winchester (at a rural location) with around 15 users. We provide them with IT support, Microsoft 365 Emails & SharePoint and managed backups.
They build bespoke annexes and timber frame garden houses, have a warehouse with a manufacturing team, and have WiFi throughout their site.

They needed assistance with broadband connectivity as they share their rural site with a few other businesses and the bandwidth is shared between them. This means they have no option to upgrade past a 20 Mbps (Megabits per second) download speed, which caused issues when multiple users were in the office trying to use the internet simultaneously. They wanted to know if there was a solution available for improved broadband speeds without having to install an expensive lease line.

How did we help?

We had recently completed a Starlink (satellite internet) installation at another rural property which was already running from a 4G connection due to its remote location. We suggested this hardware as it was flexible and we could easily complete a trial run with them to so see how this would work with their existing systems. We installed our spare Starlink system and configured an easy failover solution if the customer needed to ever switch back to their old connection.

This allowed the customer to test the network speeds and performance whilst not being tied into a long-term contract as they had not purchased any hardware and were not locked into a subscription. After a successful testing period, we assisted in ordering the required hardware and advised on the best location for the satellite to be situated.

Once all the equipment had arrived, we attended the site again and switched over the temporary dish for their permanent solution, tested all machines’ connectivity, and monitored over the next few weeks. The increased speed allowed users to work much more efficiently and not be bottlenecked when there was high network traffic.

In terms of customer feedback, it was reported that speeds were a massive increase over what they had, and made a noticeable difference to their work efficiency. After a few months now of running on the Starlink network we have had no reports from them of any outages or problems!