Case Study – Starlink Install

Our client is a veterinary specialist who operates from a remote area of Cirencester. They have between 5 and 10 employees and use both cloud and on-premises platforms.

They were paying for a dual-sim 4G broadband solution with their old provider and were looking to explore the alternative solutions available to them. We looked at the possibility of a leased FTTP (fibre to the premises) line and also VDSL offerings from ISPs (Internet Service Providers). We concluded that the best solution for them would be to trial Starlink – a low-orbit satellite internet provider. We provided our test equipment and attended the site to complete a temporary installation.

Once the client was satisfied with the reliability and speeds that this provided we assisted them with placing an order so we could implement this permanently. We attended the site a second time to professionally mount this in the most suitable location.

We have received the following feedback from the client: “Thanks for carrying out the installation of the Starlink. The performance has been great throughout the trial period and the installation of the equipment looks great.”