GoDaddy Microsoft 365 Migration

Our client is a recruitment company, with three different companies working under one umbrella. All staff work from home and they wanted the ability to share data and communicate effectively between all companies.

Our client faced significant challenges due to fragmented Microsoft 365 tenancies across their organisation. They had each set up their own tenancies with different email accounts, causing difficulties in sharing resources and collaborating effectively. Additionally, the limited syndicated GoDaddy Microsoft 365 service they were using lacked key features such as shared mailboxes, advanced security, and comprehensive administrative tools.

We proposed consolidating the three separate tenancies into a single Microsoft 365 tenancy directly managed by Microsoft. This migration would resolve the sharing issues and provide a more robust and feature-rich environment.

Tenancy Consolidation:

  • We merged the three existing tenancies into one unified Microsoft 365 tenancy.
  • Set up three distinct SharePoint sites, one for each business unit, allowing users to access them from any account across different domains.

Enhanced Collaboration Tools:

  • Enabled seamless communication via Microsoft Teams.
  • Facilitated internal sharing on SharePoint while maintaining separate areas for each business unit.

Migration and Setup:

  • Coordinated with GoDaddy support to remove the old tenancies.
  • Set up the domains within the new consolidated tenancy.
  • Reconfigured end-user devices to resolve conflicts between cached old credentials and the new tenancy credentials.

    Quality Assurance: We ensured that all users were fully operational within the new setup. Post-migration, our team conducted thorough testing to confirm that collaboration tools and resource sharing were functioning optimally.

    Client Handover: Upon completion, we provided a detailed walkthrough of the new system to the managing directors, demonstrating the enhanced capabilities and ensuring they were satisfied with the setup.

    Outcome: The migration resulted in a significant improvement in collaboration and security. All users are now efficiently sharing resources and communicating through a unified platform. The managing directors reported great results with the new setup, noting enhanced efficiency and streamlined communication.