Case Study – Outdoor Boatyard WiFi

Our client manages a riverside boatyard and requires WiFi to allow for card payments (connecting back to their chandlery shop) and the ability to provide auditable WiFi connectivity to guests with boats moored.

The guest WiFi system had stopped working, causing significant inconvenience. Attempts to diagnose the issue revealed that the existing access point was faulty; it was neither discoverable on the network nor allowing connections.

Our Solution: To address these issues, we proposed a two-phase action plan:

  1. Phase One: Initial installation of a new access point to replace the faulty one.
  2. Phase Two: Based on the performance of the initial installation, assess the need for a secondary meshed access point to extend coverage and enhance connectivity.

Two Netserve technicians attended the site and carried out the initial installation. They ensured that the new access point was correctly installed and fully operational. All components were labelled to simplify future troubleshooting. This phase aimed to restore the guest WiFi service and improve overall network reliability.

After monitoring the performance of the new access point over a period, we determined whether additional measures were necessary. If required, this phase would involve installing a secondary mesh access point to pair with the first, thereby enhancing network coverage and reliability.

The first phase of the project successfully restored WiFi connectivity for guests and ensured stable network operations for the chandlery. The documented setup facilitated easier maintenance and troubleshooting in the future. We continue to monitor the system’s performance and are prepared to implement Phase Two if needed, ensuring the boatyard remains connected and operational.