Case Study – Securing Remote Access

Our client is a large construction company who shares an office and a network with their sister company. They have domain controller, remote desktop, and application servers shared between the two companies. They previously had two different IT support companies, however, we brought them both under one roof to allow for easier IT services and processes management.

They needed responsive IT support, simplified IT solutions, and asset management for both companies’ IT hardware. They were also in desperate need of a more secure method for staff to connect to the network in order to work remotely.

We assisted by ensuring that their Nextcloud server was only accessible when users were connected over a secure VPN connection. We provided this platform via an Arista next-gen firewall that we configured and installed. This allowed for fast and secure VPN access that enforced multi-factor authentication for all remote connections. The firewall also allowed us to configure segregated networks for the two companies where we could ensure that the trusted routes between the two networks for shared resources were managed. We also provided a managed cloud backup solution for their servers.

The feedback from the client during a recent meeting was that they were happy with the IT support we are now providing and that they were starting to explore the more in-depth security features and reporting functionality that the firewall can provide. They have stated that our response times to issues has been very good.